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100 Years of Combined Experience is Now Available for you!


About Buck Perry:

He is known as the father of modern day fishing, and the daddy of structure fishing. Virtually all the so-called discoveries in fishing can be traced back down to Buck Perry. He is the one that coined the words structure,breaks and breaklines and gave them their original definitions and meaning for our fishing vocabulary. He was the first one to speak of the effects of a cold front, and described how it affected our fishing. Buck has shared his many years of fishing knowledge with his (9) volume home study course. This knowledge required can be broken down by the following:

· Knowledge and the understanding of the basic movements of the fish
· Knowing the lake features(structure,breaks and breaklines)
· Knowing how weather and water conditions effect our fishing
· Knowing the different lake types(natural lakes & manmade lakes)
· How to map and interpret a fishing situation.
· Controls(depth and speed)and the equipment we use(tools)
· Our presentation of lures (casting and trolling)

Fishing success cannot be bought through the latest or hottest new lure. It can not be bought through the latest equipment, or some kind of gadget. Buck says that knowledge is the key to fishing success.
Several well known fisherman have started their fishing careers and gained most of their knowledge from Buck Perry’s teachings.  Source http://spoonplugger.net

Buck's complete and thorough Home Study Program to improve your fishing knowledge and skills.

9 Volumes (8 ½ x 11) of over 650 pages

Volume 1- Introduction to Basic Movements
Volume 2- Controls & Tools
Volume 3- Structures, Breaks, Breaklines
Volume 4- Weather & Water
Volume 5- Presentation of Lures
Volume 6 - Lake Types
Volume 7- Part 1 - Mapping & Interpretation
Volume 7- Part 2 - Mapping & Interpretation
Volume 8 - Buck Talks - Summation, Mental Aspects, Examination

Read about Wilson in the "About Wilson" section of this website.

Buy the complete set of Buck's guides, and Wilson's DVD's! 9 manuals and 4 DVD's for only $150.00 plus shipping!


Click here to purchase: FRAZIER/PERRRY

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