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Mail to the Professor
From the Mailbox

We love to get mail, send you question, comments, etc to Wilson and we'll put your comments here!
We would love to hear from you!


Dear Wilson,

I see that I made the Hall of Fame, that's wonderful. However, slick
sides is what put me there, I have been a fan/promoter of the
Professors products for four years now and I will be the first to say
there is nothing better. Every one of the Professor's products are a symbol of excellence and the results are 100% satisfaction. I use Garlic slick side the majority of the time, it is my absolute favorite. I would put that on my sandwich if my wife would let me! I have never been disappointed when using the garlic scent. The last two tournaments I fished were with ABA 2008 North Carolina Southeast Division 82, I ended in first place. Garlic Slick Sides does it again. Wilson you're a Genius.

Can't wait to see you at Lake Murray

Thank you

Jim Hayden
Professional Bass Angler

From Bass Insider's Ask The Experts

September 16, 2008

Q: Where is the best place to put the transducer for the front depth finder?
Alex in New York

A: The best place to put the transducer is on the trolling motor, behind the keel fin. Putting it there will not affect the transducer's performance and will protect it at the same time. To mount it, if you have a Motorguide motor, use a #56 band clamp, and a #64 for Minn Kota. Run the wire up the shaft and into the unit using zip ties the whole way. You can find an in-depth explanation of this and more in my upcoming DVD "Sonar and GPS 101," the first in a series available November 1st
Wilson Frazier,"The Professor"

April 15, 2009


I just wanted to let you know that your service was excellent on my order. I called you yesterday morning and ordered the dvd and Braid Aid and when I went to the post office this evening it had already arrived. Getting here that fast from Nashville I can only assume that the Post Office screwed something up because I have never gotten anything that quickly in the mail. The dvd was great. It was basic stuff and I knew most of the information already but I did pick up some tips and understand the principles a little better. Just need to get on the water now and put it all in practice. Can't wait for 201 and the other lessons.
Robert Rose
Stephenville, Texas


Professor Wilson,

I met you at a BASS Elite Series Tournament last year and was so impressed with your brilliance in marine electronics that I bought both the Sonar GPS 101 and 201 DVDs. Amazing!!! Worth every penny!! I sold my old boat and I am upgrading to a new Phoenix 721 XP. They are offering me either the Humminbird 998c si in console and 958 in bow with interlink or I can go with the Lowrance HDS 8 at console with an HDS 7 in bow. The big thing that I can see is that the 998 would give me side imaging and with the HDS 8, I would still have to purchase the Lowrance Side Imaging box ($600 extra?). What is your opinion, Professor? What should I consider? Thanks for everything!!

Richard S. Arnold

Hey Wilson,

I placed a order today for a gallon of your miracle wax and cleaner ,or as you call it Shazzam. I am out of your wonderful product and never leave home without it.Loved the Sonar 101 video also. Thanks for everything and keep up your outstanding work. You are deifintely appreciated by all of us fishermen.

Johnny Haga


Just a note of thanks to let you know that I've learned more from 101 and 201 than I've ever gotten from the manuals that came from the manufacturers of the different units I've owned.  I'm ordering 301 and 401 today and look forward to watching them.
I wish I had these videos years ago---- they cleared up so many questions about what I've been seeing for all these years.
As soon as the ice is off I'm going to take my portable DVD player in the boat with me and get some hands on learning.

Tony Caravella
Northville, New York





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